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“Sometimes payments are delinquent or bills aren’t being paid at all.” You can also flip through their checkbook and look at the math, or have them figure out the tip at a restaurant.The Alzheimer’s Association says to be encouraging and reassuring if you’re seeing these changes happen.These can contribute to delusions, or untrue beliefs.Some of these problems are obvious, such as when someone is hoarding household items, or accuses a family member of stealing something.Likewise, touching her—even to try and hold her hand or gently rub her arm or leg—might result in her taking a swing.The best course of action in that case was to walk away and let her have the space she needed.” DON’T: “The worst thing you can do is engage in an argument or force the issue that’s creating the aggression,” Napoletan says. ” Explanation: Wanting to go home is one of the most common reactions for an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient living in a memory care facility.“People with dementia are more apt to hit, kick or bite” in response to feeling helpless or afraid.Ann Napoletan, who writes for, is all too familiar with this situation.

For her caregivers, it was often getting dressed or bathing that provoked aggression.” DO: The key to responding to aggression caused by dementia is to try to identify the cause—what is the person feeling to make them behave aggressively?

’ you might respond with, ‘We can’t leave until later because…’ the traffic is terrible / the forecast is calling for bad weather / it’s too late to leave tonight.” “You have to figure out what’s going to make the person feel the safest,” says Mariotto, even if that ends up being “a therapeutic lie.” DON’T: Lengthy explanations or reasons are not the way to go.

“You can’t reason with someone who has Alzheimer’s or dementia,” says Ann. “A lot of times we’re triggering the response that we’re getting because of the questions we’re asking.” This was another familiar situation for Ann and her mother. We went through a particularly long spell where every time I came to see my mom, she would have everything packed up ready to go—EVERYTHING!

Simple explanations along with photos and other tangible reminders can help, suggests the Alzheimer’s Association.

Sometimes, however, it can be better to redirect the person, particularly in cases where you’re in the process of moving your loved one to a facility or other location.

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“As my mom’s disease progressed, so did the mood swings.

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